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Part Number 133 8363 6255
Manufacturer PFANNENBERG
Category Thermal Management Solutions
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Side-Mount Enclosure Cooling Unit, Indoor Use NEMA 12 460VAC 5000-7000 BTU, Grey, Ship By Truck
The wide condenser fin spacing filter-free design reduces the amount of maintenance required by the customer. A quick cleaning of the condenser is required less frequently verses the competition's models, while capacity is not compromised by easy clogging of the condenser core. Utilizing rugged, long-lasting backward curved impeller fans, the cooling units can go twice as long before needing service verses a typical blower style fan that has smaller, low-cost and high maintenance bearings. The backward curve fan also has a natural right angle air path that allows cooling units to capture hot air from the top of the electrical cabinet and deposit cool, dry air to the bottom of the cabinet and underneath critical components on the panel. Utilizing a maintenance free design, Pfannenberg implements a hermetically sealed design that eliminates gasketed valves and the leak source for many other A/C unit designs. Therefore, these cooling units do not need annual maintenance to determine if the unit is properly charged with R134a refrigerant. Controlling temperature and alarm setting via dip-switches, preventing airflow short cycling, high pressure switch alarm, on/off control of compressor with built-in delay timer and a LED lamp with four different flashing sequences. The control board is located in inner air circuit for protection from heat and dirt. Pfannenberg strives to provide a relatively maintenance-free design. All designs have additional options including:Filter Kits Option - for special applications like wood and machine tool that need an external filter to prevent clogging of the condenser core.Corrosion Resistant Option - for special applications which require a coated condenser and copper piping, such as PVC pipe manufacturing or other indoor corrosive applications.Voltage Options - Many cooling units have been designed for both 50/60 Hz applications as well as 400 or 460 V operations with a simple jumper change in the e-box.

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Part Number 133 8363 6255
Product Series 133
Voltage See Spec or N/A
Weight - lbs. 108.0000
Base Unit of Measure Each
Categorization Information Thermal Management Solutions
Side-Mount Enclosure Cooling Unit, Indoor Use-133 8363 6255


  • NEMA 12 side mount cooling units, indoor
  • Please note: These units are not able to ship by UPS - They need to ship by truck because they are pre-filled with coolant.
  • Available in ranges from 900 to 24,000 Btu
  • Product variety: 3 installation sizes with 6 performance levels available
  • Modern design and large selection of surface finishes and colors
  • Environmental protection thanks to energy efficiency and recyclability
  • Easy mounting: quick release mounting frame
  • Options include:
  • Filter kits - ideal for wood and machine tool applications
  • Corrosion resistance - add for indoor corrosive applications
  • Voltage options - let us know what you need
  • Rugged, long lasting backward curved impeller fans - Can go twice as long before needing service!
  • Hermetically sealed refrigeration circuit - Elminates gasketetd valves
  • Applications where our indoor cooling units are used: conveyors, material handling, textile, paper, glass machinery, automation & assembly


Download "pfannenberg-dts-thirtyonefortyfive-circuitdiagram-datasheet.pdf" (967 KiB)

Extracted Text

DTS 3145/65/85 – 115V / 230V / 400V / 460V Standard-Controller Circuit Diagram and DIP-switch coding / Schaltplan und DIP-Schalter Codierung Schéma Électrique et DIP-commutateur codage Maximum Main Fuse: 115V: 15 Amps; 230V: 15 Amps; 400/460V: 15 Amps Door contact: No external voltage Türkontakt: Keine Fremdspannung anlegen contacteur de porte: ne pas connector de tension externe Circuit Diagram 115V/230V 885 505 058 DTS 3145/65/85 – 115V / 230V / 400V / 460V Standard-Controller Circuit Diagram 400V/460V 885 505 058 DTS 3145/65/85 – 115V / 230V / 400V / 460V Standard-Controller Read this manual completely and carefully before installing the unit. This manual is an integral part of the scope of delivery and must be kept until the unit is disposed of. Lesen Sie dieses Beiblatt vollständig und aufmerksam durch, bevor das Gerät installiert wird. Das Beiblatt ist fester Bestandteil des Lieferumfangs und muß bis zum Abbau des Gerätes aufbewahrt werden. Lisez consciencieusement ce manuel d'utilisation du début jusqu'à la fin avant d'installer l'appareil. Le manuel d'utilisation fait partie de la périphérie de livraison et il faut le conserver jusqu'au démontage de l'appareil. Prior to mounting, ensure that: the separation of the units from one another and from the wall should not be less than 200 mm; air inlet and outlet are not obstructed on the inside of the enclosure. Vor der Montage ist zu beachten, daß der Abstand der Geräte zueinander bzw. zur Wand mindestens 200 mm beträgt; Luftein- und - austritte innen nicht verbaut sind. Avant de procéder au montage s’assurer que: un écartement d’au moins 200 mm soit respecté entre les différents appareils et entre les appareils et le mur; l’arrivée et la sortie d’air ne soient pas obstruées à l’intérieur de l’armoire. Technical Data / Technische Daten / Caractéristiques Techniques Model DTS 31x5 DTS 31x5 DTS 31x5 115V 230V 400/460V Cooling data / Kältetechnische Daten / Performances 1800 W / 2050 W / 2050 W Cooling capacity / Kälteleistung / Puissance de réfrigération * Q A35(+95°F) / A35(+95°F) 0 6142 BTU/h 6995 BTU/h 6995 BTU/h 1100 W / 1100 W / 1100 W / Cooling capacity / Kälteleistung / Puissance de réfrigération * Q 0 A50(+122°F) / A35(+95°F) 3753 BTU/h 3753 BTU/h 3753 BTU/h Refrigerant type / Kältemittel-Typ / Liquide réfrigérant * R 134a Refrigerant amount / Kältemittelmenge / quantité de liquide * 750 g / 26.4 oz Adjustable thermostat setting 1TAS (factory set) / Thermostateinstellung (1TAS) (werkseitig eingestellt) / +35°C / +95°F Thermostat (1TAS) (pré-réglage en usine) Failure indication: Enclosure internal temp. (factory set) / Störmeldung: Schaltschrank-Innentemp. (werkseitig > +50°C / +122°F eingestellt) / signal de défaut: Température intérieure de l´armoire (pré-réglage en usine) Ambient air temperature / Umgebungslufttemperatur / Température ambiante +15°C/+59°F (optional: +0°C/+32°F) . . . +55°C / +131°F Enclosure internal temp. / Schaltschrank-Innentemp. / Température intérieure de l´armoire +25°C / +77°F . . . +45°C / +113°F Air volume, external circulation / Luftvolumenstrom, äußerer Kreislauf / débit d’air, circulation extérieure 1200 m³/h / 705 CFM Air volume, internal circulation / Luftvolumenstrom, innerer Kreislauf / débit d’air, circulation intérieure 580 m³/h / 341 CFM active evaporation tray; Condensate overflow via hose/ aktiver Verdampfungsbehälter; Kondensatüberlauf über Schlauch/ Condensation discharge / Kondensatabscheidung / Protection anti-condensat Cuve d'évaporation active; trop-plein de condensat par tuyau Electrical data / Elektrische Kenndaten / Caractéristiques électriques Rated voltage / Nennspannung / Tension nominale * 115 V 230 V ** 400 V** / 460 V Mains frequency / Nennfrequenz / Fréquence nominale * 60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz Operating range / Funktionsbereich / Tolérance +/-10% 1000 W 1020 W 1283 W Power consumption / Leistungsaufnahme / Puissance électrique consommée * P A35/A35 el Current capacity / Nennstrom / Intensité at A35/A35 I 8.6 4.9 1.8 nom Current capacity / Nennstrom / Intensité * I 11.0 A 6.2A 2.2 A nom max Starting current / Anlaufstrom / Courant de démarrage I 48.3 A 26 A 16 A Start max Line Cord / Netzanschluß / branchement au secteur Permanent EMI/RFI suppression CE Heating data / Heizungs Kenndaten / Caractéristiques chauffages External Thermostat / Externer Thermostat / Thermostat externe FLZ 520 NCC 0°-60°C / 32°-140°F Heating capacity / Heizleistung / électrique puissance de chauffage 900 Watts / 3072 BTU/h Max Inrush Current / Maximaler Einschaltstrom / Courant de démarrage * 18 A Dimensions / Abmessungen / Dimensions DTS 3145 DTS 3165 DTS 3185 Height / Höhe / Hauteur 918 mm / 36 inch Width / Breite / Largeur 305 mm / 12 inch Depth / Tiefe / Profondeur 305 mm / 12 inch Weight / Gewicht / Poids 49 kg / 108 lb Installation attitude / Einbaulage / Position vertical / senkrecht / verticale Unit construction / Gerätekonstruktion / Carrosserie Sheet steel / Stahlblech / Acier Corrosion protection / Korrosionsschutz / Protection anti-corrosion galvanized, electrostatically powder coated: RAL 7035 or ANSI61, Baked (200°C / 392°F) / Verzinkt, elektrostatisch pulverbeschichtet 304 stainless steel/ RAL 7035 oder ANSI61, gebrannt bei 200°C / 392°F / Edelstahl/ Acier inoxydable Zingué, laqué à four chaud RAL 7035 ou ANSI61, brûlé avec 200°C / 392°F Protection classification (against the enclosure, under correct operating conditions)/ TYPE 12, TYPE 3R/4, TYPE 4/4x, Schutzart (gegenüber dem Schaltschrank, bei bestimmungsgemäßen Einsatz)/ IP 54 (EN 60529) IP 56 (EN 60529) IP 56 (EN 60529) Type de protection (par rapport à l´armoire, à utilisation correcte)  * ID Plate Information (Maximum ambient conditions per UL listing) / Daten auf Typschild / Information de plaque  ** 50 Hz or 400V : capacity reduced 10% 885 505 058 DTS 3145/65/85 – 115V / 230V / 400V / 460V Standard-Controller Spare parts / Ersatzteile / Pièces de rechange Please order your spare parts only with the Pfannenberg-parts-number. Bitte geben Sie bei der Bestellung von Ersatzteilen die Pfannenberg- Teilenummer an. Lors d’une commande, utilisez SVP la référence Pfannenberg cidessous. DTS 31x5 115V DTS 31x5 230V / 460V Internal fan / Interner Lüfter / Ventilateur intérieur 18811100010 18811100011 External fan / Externer Lüfter / Ventilateur extérieure 18881100000 18881100010 PCB / Steuerplatine / Platine 18810000009 18810000012 Airflow principle / Sealing / Dichtung / Joint Luftstrom - Prinzipbild / (front view enclosure/ Vorderansicht Schaltschrank/) Circulation d'air - Schéma de principe v u e fr on ta le a rm o ire d e c o mm a n de ) Enclosure Air In Ambient Air In Warm Air Out Cool Air Out Switchgear cabinet cutout / Schaltschrank-Ausschnitt / Découpe de l'armoire de commande TOP 885 505 058

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