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Part Number 101153920
Manufacturer SCHMERSAL
Category Safety »  Category 1 Safety Controllers
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Category 4 Safety Controller for SE Safety Edges
The Schmersal SE safety edge system is made up of a rubber profile, an aluminum mounting rail, a transmitter and receiver sensor set plus a compatible safety controller. The Schmersal SE series of safety edges feature a high reflective internal rubber surface and a self-adjusting gain optical pair whose performance is uncompromised by slight bending … and predictable over the specified operating range. These units are easy to assemble, no need for special skills or adhesives, for lengths of 400 mm to 10 m. The self adjusting optical pair assure the same sensitivity and performance independent of chosen length. The mechanical design assures encapsulation of the transmitter and receiver ensuring reliable operation unaffected by environmental soiling. The Schmersal SE series of safety edges is ideal wherever crushing or shearing points are to be safeguarded. Applications include guard doors, elevating platforms, rising stages, moving stock shelving, operating process tables, loading ramps, hoists or tipping equipment.

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Part Number 101153920
Product Series SE
Voltage See Spec or N/A
Weight - lbs. 0.4100
Base Unit of Measure Each
Categorization Information Safety - Intrinsic, Curtains, Mats, etc.
Category 4 Safety Controller for SE Safety Edges-101153920


  • Safety Controller Only
  • Aluminum Profile (SE-ALXX-XXXX)
  • Rubber Profile (SE-PXX-XXXX)
  • Sensor Set (SE-SET) - SE-T transmitter and SE-R receiver
  • Safety Controller (SE-XXXC)
  • Accessories include:
  • End caps (SE-ECXX) - 2 required
  • SE-SC rubber profile shears
  • SE-WA wiring aid
  • SE-J1 junction box


Download "schmersal-se-fourhundredc-datasheet.pdf" (214 KiB)

Extracted Text

17.02.2016 - 22:19:48h Datasheet - SE-400C Safety-related tactile sensor / Safety edges / Monitoring of safety edges Preferred typ • To monitor 1 safety edge(s) • 2 safety contacts, STOP 0 • 1 Signalling output (Minor differences between the printed image and the original product may exist!) Ordering details Product type description SE-400C Article number 101153920 EAN code 4030661289175 eCl@ss 27-27-92-15 Approval Approval TÜV USA/CAN Classification Standards EN ISO 13849-1 PL up e Control category up 4 PFH value 2.47 x 10 - 8 /h - notice up to max. 50000 switching cycles/year Mission time 20 Years Global Properties Product name SE-400C Standards EN ISO 13856-2, EN ISO 13849-1 Compliance with the Directives (Y/N) Yes Product utilisation up to category in accordance with EN 954 4 Climatic stress EN ISO 13856-2 Mounting snaps onto standard DIN rail to EN 60715 - Clearance IP54 - enclosure IP40 - terminals IP20 Materials - Material of the housings Plastic, PE (Black), Crastin (Grey) Weight 184 g Start conditions Automatic or Start button Start input (Y/N) Yes Feedback circuit (Y/N) No Reset after disconnection of supply voltage (Y/N) Yes Automatic reset function Yes Reset with edge detection (Y/N) Yes Response time 32 ms Time to readiness approx. 32 ms Mechanical data Connection type Screw connection Cable section - Min. Cable section - Max. Cable section 2 x 1.5 mm² Detachable terminals (Y/N) No Mechanical life 30.000.000 operations notice All indications about the cable section are including the conductor ferrules. Resistance to vibration 10 ... 55 Hz, Amplitude 0,15 mm Closing duration approx. 32 ms Opening duration 15 ms Ambient conditions Ambient temperature - Min. environmental temperature +5 °C - Max. environmental temperature +55 °C Protection class Air clearances and creepage distances To IEC/EN 60664-1 - Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 4 kV - Overvoltage category III To VDE 0110 - Degree of pollution 2 To VDE 0110 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) EMC rating conforming to EMC Directive Electrical data Rated DC voltage for controls - Min. rated DC voltage for controls 21.6 V - Max. rated DC voltage for controls 28.8 V Rated AC voltage for controls, 50 Hz - Min. rated AC voltage for controls, 50 Hz - - Max. rated AC voltage for controls, 50 Hz - Rated AC voltage for controls, 60 Hz - Min. rated AC voltage for controls, 60 Hz - - Max. rated AC voltage for controls, 60 Hz - Power consumption < 4 W Type of actuation DC Rated operating voltage Ue 24 VDC +20% / −10% Operating current Ie approx. 150 mA Electronic protection (Y/N) Yes Inputs Monitored inputs - Short-circuit recognition (Y/N) Yes - Wire breakage detection (Y/N) Yes - Earth connection detection (Y/N) Yes Cable length 200 m Outputs Stop category 0 Number of safety contacts 2 piece Number of auxiliary contacts 0 piece Number of signalling outputs 1 piece Switching capacity - Switching capacity of the safety contacts 230 VAC / 2 A; 24 VDC / 2 A - Switching capacity of the signaling/diagnostic outputs 50 mA Fuse rating - Protection of the safety contacts 4 A gG D-fuse Utilisation category AC-15: 230 V / 2 A; DC-13: 24 V / 3 A Number of undelayed semi-conductor outputs with signaling function 1 piece Number of undelayed outputs with signaling function (with contact) 0 piece Number of delayed semi-conductor outputs with signaling function. 0 piece Number of delayed outputs with signalling function (with contact). 0 piece Number of secure undelayed semi-conductor outputs with signaling function 0 piece Number of secure, undelayed outputs with signaling function, with contact. 2 piece Number of secure, delayed semi-conductor outputs with signaling function 0 piece Number of secure, delayed outputs with signaling function (with contact). 0 piece LED switching conditions display LED switching conditions display (Y/N) Yes Number of LED´s 2 piece LED switching conditions display - The integrated LEDs indicate the following operating states. - Safety edge function - Supply voltage UB Miscellaneous data Applications Safety edges Dimensions Dimensions Width 22.5 mm Height 100 mm Depth 121 mm notice The overall machine safety depends on the professional mounting and installation of the safety monitoring module and the signal transmitter, as well as on the correct and professional electrical connection of the components. If there it any risk whatsoever, the machine may not be restarted. notice - Wiring example Monitoring the safety edges SE 40 / SE 70 with a safety monitoring unit SE-400C up to PL e and Category 4. The feedback circuit monitors the position of the contactors KA and KB. A Start-Reset-Taster (S) can optionally be connected to the feedback circuit. Both re-initialisation and auto-reset must comply with the requirements of EN 1760-2 (diagram A2, A3). The wiring diagram is shown for the de-energised condition. Documents Operating instructions and Declaration of conformity (pl) 232 kB, 11.09.2014 Code: mrl_se400c_pl Operating instructions and Declaration of conformity (fr) 217 kB, 16.10.2014 Code: mrl_se400c_fr Operating instructions and Declaration of conformity (de) 213 kB, 13.08.2014 Code: mrl_se400c_de Operating instructions and Declaration of conformity (nl) 213 kB, 16.10.2014 Code: mrl_se400c_nl Operating instructions and Declaration of conformity (en) 218 kB, 11.09.2014 Code: mrl_se400c_en Operating instructions and Declaration of conformity (it) 221 kB, 11.09.2014 Code: mrl_se400c_it Operating instructions and Declaration of conformity (cn) 291 kB, 30.06.2015 Code: mrl_se400c_cn Operating instructions and Declaration of conformity (jp) 299 kB, 11.09.2014 Code: mrl_se400c_jp Operating instructions and Declaration of conformity (es) 222 kB, 11.09.2014 Code: mrl_se400c_es TÜV certification (de, en) 233 kB, 05.05.2015 Code: z_se4p03 Images Wiring example K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG, Möddinghofe 30, D-42279 Wuppertal The data and values have been checked throroughly. Technical modifications and errors excepted. Generiert am 17.02.2016 - 22:19:49h Kasbase 3.2.1.F.64I

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