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Safety Switch, Interlock, Magnetic, 1NO/1NC, Connector M12
The AZM170 consists of an electromechanical safety interlock switch joined to a solenoid-latching mechanism. Both the safety switch and solenoid mechanism feature "positive-break"contacts. In addition the actuator key features a built-in latch (unlocked key holding force of 7 pounds), and an auxiliary manual unlocking device.

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Safety - Intrinsic, Curtains, Mats, etc.
Safety Switch, Interlock, Magnetic, 1NO/1NC,-101140257



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18.02.2016 - 18:57:31h Datasheet - AZM 170-11ZKA 24 VAC/DC Solenoid interlock / AZM 170 Preferred typ • Thermoplastic enclosure • Double-insulated • Compact design • 90 mm x 84 mm x 30 mm • 1 Cable entry M 20 x 1.5 • Interlock with protection against incorrect locking. • Long life • High holding force • IDC method of termination • Manual release (Minor differences between the printed image and the original product may exist!) Ordering details Product type description AZM 170-11ZKA 24 VAC/DC Article number 101140257 EAN code 4030661118420 eCl@ss 27-27-26-03 Approval Approval BG USA/CAN CCC Classification Standards EN ISO 13849-1 B10d Opener (NC) 2.000.000 Mission time 20 Years notice Global Properties Product name AZM 170 Standards EN 60947-5-1, BG-GS-ET-19 Compliance with the Directives (Y/N) Yes Number of actuating directions 2 piece Active principle electromechanical Duty cycle Magnet 100 % Materials - Material of the housings Plastic, glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic, self-extinguishing - Material of the contacts Silver Housing coating None Weight 280 g Mechanical data Design of electrical connection IDC method of termination Cable section - Min. Cable section 1 x 0,75 mm² - Max. Cable section 1 x 1.0 mm², flexible Mechanical life > 1.000.000 operations Emergency unlocking device (Y/N) No Manual release (Y/N) Yes - bottom Emergency release (Y/N) No Latching force 5 N Positive break force 8.5 N positive break travel 11 mm Clamping force F 1000 N Max. Actuating speed 2 m/s Ambient conditions Ambient temperature - Min. environmental temperature −25 °C - Max. environmental temperature +60 °C Protection class IP67 to IEC/EN 60529 Electrical data Design of control element Normally open contact (NO), Opener (NC) notice change-over contact with double break, type Zb or 2 NC contacts, with galvanically separated contact bridges Switching principle Creep circuit element Number of auxiliary contacts 1 piece Number of safety contacts 1 piece Power to unlock No Power to lock Yes Rated control voltage Us 24 VAC/DC Power consumption max. 10 W Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 4 kV Rated insulation voltage Ui 250 V Thermal test current Ithe 10 A Utilisation category AC-15: 230 V / 4 A, DC-13: 24 V / 4 A Max. fuse rating 6 A gG D-fuse ATEX Explosion protection categories for gases None Explosion protected category for dusts None Miscellaneous data Applications sliding safety guard, removable guard, hinged safety guard Dimensions Dimensions of the sensor - Width of sensor 90 mm - Height of sensor 84 mm - Length of sensor 30 mm notice This type termination (IDC) method enables simple connetion of flexible conductors without the need for the use of conductor ferrules Individual coding available on request Manual release • For manual release using M5 triangular key, available as accessory Diagram Note Diagram positive break NC contact active no active Normally-open contact Normally-closed contact Switch travel diagram Notes Switch travel diagram Contact closed Contact open Setting range Break point Positive opening sequence/- angle VS adjustable range of NO contact VÖ adjustable range of NC contact N after travel Ordering suffix The applicable ordering suffix is added at the end of the part number of the safety switch. Order example: AZM 170-11ZKA 24 VAC/DC-1637 ...-1637 0,3 µm gold-plated contacts ...ST-2431 connector M12 , Individual solenoid monitoring Ordering code AZM 170(1)-(2)Z(3)K(4)-(5)-(6)-(7) (1) without IDC method of termination SK Screw connection (2) 11 1 Normally open contact (NO) / 1 Opener (NC) 02 2 Opener (NC) 12/0.0 1 Normally open contact (NO), 2 Opener (NC) / - (3) without Latching force 5 N R Latching force 30 N I Individual coding (4) without Power to unlock A Power to lock (5) without cable gland ST Connector M12 x 1 ST-2431 Connector M12 x 1, Individual solenoid monitoring (6) 24VAC/DC Us 24 VAC/DC 110VAC Us 110 VAC 230VAC Us 230 VAC (7) without Manual release 2197 Manual release from side (Power to unlock) 1637 gold-plated contacts AZM 170ST and AZM 170SK AZM 170ST-(1)Z(2)K(3)-(4)-(5)-024 AZM 170SK-(1)Z(2)K(3)-(4)-(5)-024 (1) 11/11 1 Normally open contact (NO), 1 Opener (NC) / 1 Normally open contact (NO), 1 Opener (NC) 11/02 1 Normally open contact (NO), 1 Opener (NC) / 2 Opener (NC) 12/00 1 Normally open contact (NO), 2 Opener (NC) / - 12/11 1 Normally open contact (NO), 2 Opener (NC) / 1 Normally open contact (NO), 1 Opener (NC) 12/02 1 Normally open contact (NO), 2 Opener (NC) / 2 Opener (NC) 02/01 2 Opener (NC), - / 1 Opener (NC), - 02/10 2 Opener (NC), - / 1 Normally open contact (NO), - (2) without Latching force 5 N R Latching force 30 N (3) without Power to unlock A Power to lock (4) 1637 gold-plated contacts (5) 2197 Manual release for Power to unlock Documents BG-test certificate (en) 260 kB, 09.12.2015 Code: z_m17p02 BG-test certificate (de) 257 kB, 09.12.2015 Code: z_m17p01 CCC certification (en) 596 kB, 23.06.2014 Code: q_371p02 CCC certification (cn) 607 kB, 23.06.2014 Code: q_371p03 EAC certification (ru) 809 kB, 05.10.2015 Code: q_6040p17_ru Images Dimensional drawing (basic component) Assembly example Detail photo System components Actuator 101122893 - AZ 17/170-B1 • Particularly suitable for sliding doors 101137406 - AZ 17/170-B1-2245 • Particularly suitable for sliding doors • Damps vibration on guard device 101122895 - AZ 17/170-B5 • Particularly suitable for sliding doors 101139788 - AZ 17/170-B11 • Particularly suitable for sliding doors 101139789 - AZ 17/170-B15 • Particularly suitable for sliding doors 101123391 - AZM 170-B6 • Particularly suitable for hinged guards • For very smal actuating radii • The direction of actuation can be selected by applicable insertion of the insert Accessories 101208493 - AZM 170-B CENTERING GUIDE • for AZ 17 and AZM 170 101100887 - TRIANGULAR KEY TK-M5 • For manual release using M5 triangular key, available as accessory • For maintenance, installation, etc. Connector A-K4M12 • Pre-wired cable • 4-pole S-K4M12 • Connector without cable • 4-pole K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG, Möddinghofe 30, D-42279 Wuppertal The data and values have been checked throroughly. Technical modifications and errors excepted. Generiert am 18.02.2016 - 18:57:35h Kasbase 3.2.1.F.64I

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The warranty we offer will be based on what we negotiate with our suppliers. It is possible for some parts to be sold as-is and without a warranty. Our specialty, single board computers, tend to receive a one-year warranty.

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