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D1001 Infrared Microscanner, 1:1 FOV, 0°-1000°F, Standard, RH To Cert Accuracy +-.5% RH Our Exergen D-Series is an entirely di... EXERGEN Request Quote
D1001-RS Infrared Microscanner, 1:1 FOV, Remote Sensor, 0°-1000°F, RH To Certified Accuracy +-.5% RH Our Exergen D-Series is an e... EXERGEN Request Quote
IRT/C.10-K-140F/60C Infrared T/C, K Type, 140F/60C, SS, 10:1 FOV, 70° - 190°F, Holes With Screws The world's only self powered infrared ther... EXERGEN Request Quote
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