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Part Number Description Manufacturer Price & Lead Time
ATCA-5U-5SLOTS 5U and 5 Slot ATCA chassis 5 PORTWELL Request Quote
EZIO-300 16 x 2 Characters LCD Module with RS-232, 4 buttons blue background and white character PORTWELL Request Quote
EZIO-G400 128 x 32 graphical LCD Module with 4 bottons, blue background and white graph PORTWELL Request Quote
EZIO-G500 128 x 64 Graphical LCD and RS232 control board with 7 buttons 3 bi-color programmable LEDs PORTWELL Request Quote
TANC-5260 ATCA node card featureing dual Intel®LV Xeonprocessors with Intel® NetBurst® microarchitecture and 400Mhz FSB PORTWELL Request Quote
TANC-5320 ATCA node card featureing dual Intel® LV Xeon Nocona processor up to three 64-bit/133MHz PMC Interfaces PORTWELL Request Quote
TANC-5340 ATCA control board with Dual Sossaman CPU PORTWELL Request Quote