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Applied Computing Platforms


Part Number Description Manufacturer Price & Lead Time
AIO-CAN210 Dual CAN ports with Isolation for ARS-2510 & ARS-2110 ADVANTECH Request Quote
AIO-COM210 Dual COM ports with isolation for ARS-2510 & ARS-2110 ADVANTECH Request Quote
AIO-SSD110 Single SSD carrier with DIO for ARS-2510 & ARS-2110 ADVANTECH Request Quote
ARS-2110 The ARS-2110 Box PC is designed for fanless operation at temperatures from -40 to 70 °CIts special extruded aluminum hou... ADVANTECH Request Quote
ARS-2510 The ARS-2510, a fanless embedded train controller, is certified to EN50155 specifications. With a T3-level operating tem... ADVANTECH Request Quote
DMS-BA16 Advantech DMS-BA16 Qseven module is designed with Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 dual-core/Quad-core processor for faster... ADVANTECH Request Quote
DMS-IR06 The DMS-IR06 is a PCIe x1 medical LAN card supporting Intel® I210 Ethernet controller, with dual LAN ports offering full... ADVANTECH Request Quote
DMS-SA16 DMS-SA16 has been dedicated from the design phase onward for fitness applications. It provides stable, Intel® M computin... ADVANTECH Request Quote
DMS-SA21 Advantech DMS-SA21 is high-performance server system with Intel® Xeon® Phi co-processing electronic and mechanical integ... ADVANTECH Request Quote
DMS-ST06 DMS-ST06 is a low power, fanless open frame, powered by Freescale i.MX 6 Cortex-A9 dual 1GHz processors, and focuses on... ADVANTECH Request Quote
DMS-ST07 DMS-ST07 is a 10.1 inch, all-in-one panel PC with projected capacitive multi-touch screen. It is a Freescale i.MX6 dual... ADVANTECH Request Quote
FIT-1001 FIT-1001 is a 10.1-inch, wide screen Fitness Infotainment Terminal with projected capacitive 5-point multi-touch capabil... ADVANTECH Request Quote
FIT-1501 FIT-1501 is a Cardio Console Entertainment Station; the 15.6" screen display has a friendly and innovative P-CAP multi t... ADVANTECH Request Quote
IRS-3500 This 1U, high-performance, rugged system was designed with strong protection for use in harsh environments; it is built... ADVANTECH Request Quote
IRS-3610 The IRS-3610, a high performance box PC, met MIL-STD-810G, followed by extensive voltage adaptation to then exceed IEC 6... ADVANTECH Request Quote
MBOOK Advantech mBook is a medical grade mobile server. mBook features a fanless design, with Intel® ULV platform and Core™ i3... ADVANTECH Request Quote
MIT-W101 SERIES ACCESSORIES The Advantech Mobile Computing team offers a wide variety of accessories for the MIT-W101 series tablet PCs to transform... ADVANTECH Request Quote